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Success is Personal: Carrie Birmingham

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10 Digital Ladies is starting a new irregular blog series where we quiz some of our favourite people about what motivates them, and how diversity can be supported in the workplace. This week we spoke to 10 Digital Ladies associate Carrie Birmingham – you can find her at @CarriebIrm.

What do you do & for who  – in the digital / transformation space?

I run a consultancy that specialises in resolving complex and messy problems with clients and work with lots of diverse and amazing people. (

What’s your personal definition of success  – and what does that look like for you day to day?

I have a passion for creating workplaces where people can do great work and I love supporting clients to fix problems that are preventing this. My definition of success is doing this work, in a way that supports my wellbeing so combined with oodles of dog walks, swimming, camping, and cooking with my hubby.

Is there a specific role model, mentor/mentors or experience that prompted you to shape this definition?

This definition has been shaped by my Masters in Organisation & People development, 10 years as a HR Director and development with wise and kind teachers that encouraged / forced (choose your verb!) me to look deeply at myself.

What’s the project or achievement that you have been involved in, of which you are most proud – (and does it speak to your personal version of success)?

I am proudest of my role as a leader in a large change project in an Advertising business that positively changed the culture to enable people to do great work.

Finally – do you have any practical ‘culture hacks’ you can suggest to individuals on how they can encourage more diversity and inclusion in organisations – to support different approaches to personal success?

To encourage diversity and inclusion in organisations, it is my belief that we need to explore how we show up as individuals, how groups interact with each other and how we can create systems that support inclusion.  For many organisations, this journey needs to start with understanding how things are now, as this is the catalyst for change. So my ‘hack’ would be to look for ways to illuminate and discover the current depth of inclusion.

Nina LovelaceSuccess is Personal: Carrie Birmingham

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