Every year, we celebrate 10 female role models at our annual awards.

Our awards categories are designed to celebrate a wide variety of inspirational women: from those making waves in technology and innovation, to entrepreneurs, career portfolioists and ones to watch – we ensure there’s a success story for everyone.

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In the meantime, grab your best ladies (and men) and get some inspiration from our past winners below!

2018 Awards Evening

Sponsors: NHS Digital, Equal Experts and Wavemaker

2018 Winners

‘Transformation’ Award Winner – Eva Appelbaum

An award which honours a leader who has made a significant impact to an organisation through cultural change, leadership or strategy.

Watch our interview with Eva Appelbaum to hear her thoughts after winning the ‘Transformation’ award

‘Talent Development’ Award Winner – Sarah Tan

An award which honours someone who has focused on developing digital talent, either in their organisation or across their sector.

Watch our interview with Sarah Tan to hear her thoughts after winning the ‘Talent Development’ award.

‘Inspiring Board Members’ Award Winner – Celia Francis

An award which celebrates a female executive or non-executive board member who is a leading light, not just within her business, but also her sector.

Watch our interview with Celia Francis to hear her thoughts after winning the ‘Inspiring Board Members’ award.

‘Innovation’ Award Winner – Hannah Bowden

An award which recognises someone who has brought fresh, disruptive thinking and impact to an organisation or industry.

Watch our interview with Hannah Bowden to hear her thoughts after winning the ‘Innovation’ award.

‘Entrepreneur’ Award Winner – Jo Osborne

An award which honours an individual who has successfully launched their own digital business.

Jo is hosting our April event: Raising equity funding: How to get to and through the door of angel investors. Grab your ticket now.

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